About You

So – why should I join Fifty Plus Harties you might ask?

It’s Free

It’s free for individuals and Local Small Businesses 🙂

We keep you updated

We will keep you informed on what’s happening in the local, National and International space related to our purpose which is around understanding and promoting:-

  • An active and connected Community
  • Longevity – risks and opportunities
  • Healthy and Proactive aging
  • In the Harties area

Our media feeds will not be bombarded by adverts

Individuals and Business Members will be able to advertise, other than on their own profiles or in Groups, on specific request to kay@fiftyplusharties.co.za usually for a small cost and for products or services relevant to our purpose.

Continuous learning

The web site, combined with our Facebook and Twitter feeds will give you interesting links and topics that may be of relevance to you and your future – continuous learning at any age is key to healthy aging.

Interact with your community

You will be able to interact with local people, seek local skills and businesses and help others within the Community.

Support local businesses

You will be supporting local businesses, helping them to grow and helping the local community to thrive – either by offering your skills as a volunteer or for additional income or to learn and improve your life and identify your own purpose.

Member discounts

As we grow, we hope to be able to provide various benefits, discounts, special events and other support for our Members.

We offer our help

We will provide ideas of things you might want to do or learn around the Harties area so if you are ever lonely, bored or looking for new things – this is the place!

We hope to save you time, and eventually money

By providing information in one place for your reference, we don’t wish to duplicate what others are doing so we will refer you to various web sites, WhatsApp groups and Facebook or Twitter pages that may be relevant to you.

We do the research so you don’t have to

Our research highlighted a number of elements that our Members might need, collated into the following headings:-

  • Social
  • Home Support
  • Business Support
  • Health & Wellness
  • Wealth
  • Residential Environment
  • Information

Have a look at the web site for more details on each heading – there is still lots of work to be done to identify and populate each of these but we’ll get there and we will appreciate your help!

We grow our community together

You will be part of growing Fifty Plus Harties as you provide feedback and information on issues, local businesses and services, events etc.

Create your own groups

You will be able to request a “Group” be set up within the Individual Membership section to be able to communicate with other Members on specific topics – for example a gardening club or volunteer initiative, saving you the cost of a separate web site.


Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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