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Membership is free, you provide details of your Facebook Page, E-mail address, Twitter account, Cell Number and answer a brief questionnaire about you and your skills, business, hobbies etc. on an on-line form to create your profile.

You will be added to the Closed Facebook Group which Members can post onto with photos and comments related to our Harties environment and our purpose – no advertising please!

You will have access to the Fifty Plus Harties web site – where you can find other members and information on topical issues.

You are welcome to follow the Fifty Plus Harties Twitter page @fiftyplusharties.

As WhatsApp groups are created for specific topics or events you will be asked if you wish to join.


Existing or proposed Estates or Communities around the Harties area may negotiate a monthly fee with the Administrator to allow all their Members Individual access to Fifty Plus Harties. The administration methodology will be discussed and approved with each Estate or Community depending on their communication protocols with their Members.


Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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